Bach B Minor Mass: Why you should go

Here are a few reasons that I think the Cantata Singers’ performance of the Bach B Minor Mass (Friday night and Sunday afternoon) is worth the price of admission.

  • “Gratias”
  • “Dona Nobis Pacem”; same as above, but with a bigger payoff
  • The bass section’s virtuosic rendering of “Et iterum venturus est”
  • “Confiteor” (OK, David, you convinced me)
  • Piccolo trumpets!

I’m also looking forward to the great, dramatic tension of the performance.  Not Mr. Bach’s drama–our own personal variety.  For instance:

  • Will the soloists be able to cross the stage without colliding?
  • Will the horn player sustain his unblemished record of not splattering the high notes?
  • Will the tempo in the “Cum Sancto” be caffeinato or molto caffeinato?
  • Will the oboists finish their crossword puzzles before curtain time?
  • At what point will I be so carried away by the music that I whack the organist in the head with my folder?

Come and join us Friday night, 3/18 or Sunday afternoon, 3/20; both performances at Jordan Hall.

—by caradmer

3 responses to “Bach B Minor Mass: Why you should go

  1. Thanks for this delightful post, C. I’d say Friday night was a smashing success.
    Did you smash the organist in the head? I thought we were only at caffeinato, but I heard others thought it was actually molto caffeinato. Can’t wait for Sunday!

  2. Someone had the good sense to move the organist forward a few inches, so he was no longer in peril from me. I like to think that either the stage manager or the organist himself read my post and reacted accordingly.
    As for the Cum Sancto, from where I stood it felt like molto! Can’t wait to get another shot at it on Sunday.

  3. I nearly got the second trumpet, but will try to watch that on Sunday. Both these posts — Bonnie’s play-by-play and Catherine’s romp/tout/quiz — are terrific. I’m enlightened and entertained and looking forward to tomorrow all the more.

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